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I’d planned on leading a quiet life as a librarian but instead I’m fired from my job, and haunted by an evil ghost who leaves me for dead and diagnosed crazy. The only kindness I receive is from a doctor in my new home, Victoria Mental Institution. For the moment, I’m safe, but I know that won’t last. It never does.


The ghost still stalks me. He wants to destroy me and there are demons cheering him on. The only way out is to fight—aided by the inmates of the asylum.


The dead won’t know won’t hit them.


Fans of Laura Thalassa’s ‘Four Horsemen’, I.T. Lucas ‘Children of the Gods’, and K. F. Breene ‘Demigods’ will devour this paranormal romance filled with angels, demons and impossible odds.


Shadow Awakened is the prequel for the Demon Cursed series.


1 unleashed.png


When my family curse awakens, the dead come calling. They want to be heard, but they drove my mother insane and I fear that same will happen to me.


I became a surgeon to save people from death, not their afterlife. My sister, Laura, should have inherited the gift, but instead it went to me. When I’m framed for the murder of my patient, an amnesiac detective who died over 80 years ago comes to my aid.


I have to help Elliot too. Without his memories he can’t pass to his afterlife, but the more I come to know him, the more I want him to stay. My mother warned me, but my stupid, selfish heart didn’t listen. I’ve fallen in love with a ghost. There can be no future.


But there’s more to the dead than ghosts, angels and demons. An unknown entity has unleashed creatures on Earth who steal souls from living bodies and Elliot is the key.

To protect the world, I’ll lose my heart, my life and my soul. But whatever the cost, I’ll never lose Elliot.


Ghost Unleashed is the first in the Demon Cursed series.

2 destroyed.png


A soul-eater has ripped my sister’s soul from her body and unless I can find her in the grey-mists, she’ll be lost forever.


Elliot thinks he’s a bad man. A crooked cop and a murderer, but I know different. I see his soul and it’s beautiful. If only he would believe me.


We astral travel to a pocket dimension created by a man from Elliot’s past. Black John is more than a criminal. He controlled the grey-mists and created the soul-eaters, making his own kingdom to take over the world, but he needs the angelic power Elliot hid before he died.


Chased by hit men, we find sanctuary in Elliot’s home where he lived with his wife and child decades ago. The wife and child I’m stopping him from finding again in his afterlife. I have to let him go. It’s the right thing to do even if it destroys me.


But my ethereal cord is fading and it’s only a matter of time before I’m trapped, forever under Black John’s rule. Even my guardian angel can’t hear my plea. In a final bid to rescue my sister, the angelic power attaches itself to me, too ancient and powerful for a mere human soul to control. I raise more than demons from a hell portal I accidently open.


I tried to save Laura. I tied to protect Elliot but I might have doomed us all.


Spirit Destroyed is the second in the Demon Cursed series.


3 possessed.png


The demon I unleashed into the world has brought friends. Chaos and martial law rule. Souls are taken. Angels are trapped in the dark-mists. The city is being destroyed. Strange black clouds stop angel warriors from saving souls on Earth. This is the End of Days, and it’s more terrifying than anything I could imagine.


The military, led by General Walsh, want me for the angelic powers possessing me, but I don’t trust them. It’s too dangerous to trust anyone.


Not even Elliot’s grandson, Thomas, after he rescues us. General Walsh isn’t the only person after me. Black John’s legacy lives on in his grandson, Leonard, who wants the power for himself.


Both sides are willing to kill me for a power I never wanted and when Elliot and I are trapped by Leonard, they just might succeed. General Walsh and Leonard are no match for Lilith.

Imprisoned for millennia, she has only plotted her revenge and Elliot and I have been played by the most powerful demon of all.


Soul Possessed is the third in the Demon Cursed series.

4 consumed.png


The angelic power given to me is fracturing me apart. I’ve crossed the veil, but I don’t know who I am or how I can to be here.


Ibn, the professor on the University of Creation, shows me my Akashic records to help me remember my past lives, but it doesn’t work. Demon’s attack. I ward them off using my power, calling a man so achingly familiar to me through a portal I created.


Elliot knows me. He tells me I am his soul-mate. I want to believe him but the power inside me is unstable. Angelic power was never meant to be contained by a human soul. All dimensions of reality will collapse if I can’t contain it.


Captured by demons, I must fight Lilith and remember who I really am before I fracture apart completely. Only my fully healed soul stands between Lilith’s rule and total annihilation of every plane of existence.


Wraith Consumed is the fourth in the Demon Cursed series.


5 vanquished.png


Lilith has possessed my body and tricked us all. She’s stolen my power and invaded the Earth with her army of soul-eaters.


I’ve remembered my past lives. I know my purpose. Elliot and I are two halves of the one soul but I’m trapped in my own body as Lilith destroys everything the light-stream workers have incarnated to protect. She wants the power contained in biblical artefacts gifted to humanity throughout the ages from angels to become the most powerful being of all.


The angelic power coursing through my body is the only thing powerful enough to stop her, but she controls it. Angels are dying. The Earth will crumble. All souls will perish.


I must sacrifice myself to stop her, but if I cease to exist, so will Elliot.


Demon Vanquished is the fifth in the Demon Cursed series.





He trembled. “I’ve been aching to touch you, Cassie. You don’t know how I’ve longed...”

His gaze roamed my face, heated and raw.

I breathed in. Then out. The words he’d said lodged into meaning.

I pushed the question from my mouth: “Longed?”

His fingertips pressed into my skin. “Yes. Longed. Ached. Desired. I’ve wanted you in my arms like this so much, so fiercely it hurt, Cassie. There was an ache in my soul that couldn’t be soothed. Not until I touched you. I knew I never could, but this …this is a miracle. Something I thought would never happen.”

“Neither did I. I’ve dreamed about this, Elliot. And now…now you’re here…and I’m here…wondering if this can be real. And if it’s not real, then where are we and what are we doing and how are we doing it…?”

“I don’t know, but I know this is real and right…I didn’t think we would…could have a way…to do this.” His mouth firmed and regret tensed the lines around his eyes. “That’s why I went away, Cassie. I couldn’t give in to what I really wanted. Needed. It wouldn’t have been fair to you. I wasn’t any good for you...not like that. Not a half man. Not of one world or the next. You deserve so much more. You have a life and…and I’ve had mine.”

“Don’t ever think that way. If I could never touch you, I could still talk to you. That would have been enough and I’m through with other people deciding what I need or don’t need. I need you, Elliot. I want you,” I said. How could I not want this glorious man who would give his life up for me. Not just his life, but his very existence.

He smiled and the tension left his face. If I thought he had been handsome before, he was totally devastating now. My heart lurched and I needed so much more than being held. “I want you to kiss me, Elliot. I want to feel your mouth on mine. I want to taste you. I want to touch you. Would you…do you...?”

Heat constricted my throat and closed off the words.

Elliot’s eyes darkened, “I didn’t think I’d ever hear you say those words, but now that you have, I can’t resist. I want to kiss you too, Cassie. I can’t describe it. The need…as though it was…fate, but I thought it would ever happen. Could ever happen. The pain of not being able to was too much for me, but here…now…there’s a way and I’m not going to waste it.”

That full mouth that I only saw and imagined, was real, and solid, and firm. My gaze rose to meet his. Deep pools of emerald washed through me, along with flaring desire. He’d been so good at disguising his feelings, it was surprising to see him as unhinged as I felt. His desire touched and mingled and fed between us, until there was only Elliot and me and this overwhelming, intriguing, unexplainable connection.

“Is this what you want, Cassie?”

His hand rose, cupping my nape. Goosebumps prickled my skin at his touch. This was what I ached for. Everything I dreamed about. Everything I wanted. I rested my lips on his, not believing that this could possibly be happening, but fate couldn’t be that horrible, could it? I leaned forward, just to prove I could touch him because if it didn’t…if this wasn’t real…

With a throaty groan, his fingers splayed on my back, holding me against him. His mouth opened and I willingly followed. The heat of his lips fuelled my need. My tongue entered his mouth, sweeping, dancing in an intoxicating stroke.

My mind stopped floundering as pure physical sensation took over. Heat pooled in my stomach, making my insides melt and puddle. A languid heaviness filled me, pressing within my abdomen, reaching my breasts, making my skin extra sensitive. This was what I wanted. This was what I needed. This was the precious gift that had been denied me.

My heart wept with relief and with release, as though a dam had broken and the river once again flowed, filling a pathway that had been dry for too long. I locked my thighs at either side of his waist, baring the most private part of my body to him. One of his arms encircled my waist, caging me against the broad planes of his chest. His erection pressed against my abdomen, long and thick. A flurry of tingles sparked when he moved, making me more needy, more alive.


“God, how I’ve wanted to do this to you, Cassie. I can’t believe you’re here, in my arms.” He placed his palms either side of my face. “You’re beautiful. Brave. Mine.”

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