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8 siezed.png
Seized by the Alien Space Warrior


One Rasidian Space Pirate. One stolen human female.

Full blown terror hasn’t had a chance to take hold of me – not yet at any rate. Abducted by aliens. Sold like livestock. I’m rescued by a muscular, demanding alien with charcoal skin and strange nodes on his body that flash with luminescent light.

He tells me I’m safe with him, but I know I’m not. From the moment I first set eyes on him, something indescribable and intense sparks between us. I’ve never felt anything like this before. Nothing that makes my heart beat faster and my body ache quite like this.

He wants to take care of me. Protect me. And then take me to the Sanctuary with the other rescued women and turn his back on me. He tells me that Dhasu only have one bond-mate in their life and he has already found his, so I cannot be it.

Yet I want him. The longer we’re stuck on a hostile planet with the very beings that bought me from that stage, the harder it will be to let him leave me there. Falling for him doesn’t make sense. Maybe I’m losing my mind. Maybe I’ve already lost it. Maybe we’ll die on this horrible planet, but if we really are bonded-mates..?

Maybe we’ll get more than we bargained for.

If you like impossible odds, lawless and corrupt aliens, smouldering alpha aliens and the tension of rejected fated mates, you’ll love Seized by the Alien Space Warrior.

9 secured.png
Secured by the Alien Space Warrior

I’ve been abducted by Reptile aliens and sold to the highest bidder. My saviour is in the form of a ruggedly handsome alien with claws and fangs and lethal fighting skills. Not my usual type.

He tells me I’m his bond-mate. That I’m fated for him. From the moment I saw him fighting to save me, an undefinable spark erupts within me. But I’ve been down that track before. Had the boyfriend from hell. Don’t need to drive that road again, no matter how much my body yearns for my alien saviour.

He says he will take care of me. Protect me, but how can he do that when we crash land onto a hostile planet and he’s made to fight in a gladiator pit as a slave. Every day his life is at risk, and if he fails to come back the aliens who made him fight will come for me.

But we have bigger problems. A dictator from another planet is going to use us for target practise. If we don’t break out of here soon, the whole universe will be at risk. I’m losing the battle to keep my shattered heart intact. The thing is, he’s the only being in the universe that has the power to put me back together. To be whole for the first time in years. If I lose him, I’ll lose everything.

10 consumed.png
Consumed by the Alien Space Warrior


No matter how many times I tell myself ‘this’ isn’t happening, every time I open my eyes I have to convince myself all over again. By ‘this’, I mean being sold as a slave and then being thrown into a cell filled with aliens of all different shapes and sizes. Then I’m put in a cage with a deadly alien with biceps the size of my thigh and skin that flashes with a pure, golden light.

I think I’m not going to make it through the night. That maybe I’ll be an after dinner snack, but when he calls me his bond-mate, I’m hit with a wave of desire unlike any I’ve ever felt before. He tells me I’m his fated. That I am his and he is mine, and I know he’s right because I feel it deep inside my chest. It’s a knowing that won’t go away no matter how hard I try to ignore it.

The only thing is, he shouldn’t want me. Not at all.

When we’re taken to an unknown planet, the aliens who brought us here need me for my blood. They’re in the final stage of planning an attack on every being in the universe and they need something from me that will annihilate millions. We can’t let that happen.

My alien is a Dhasu warrior and he will tear through hell to save me. But I have a secret. He says he doesn’t care but I know eventually he will. My life was irrevocably torn from me once. I’m going to make sure it never happens again.


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