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Protected by the Alien Space Pirate


One Rasidian Space Pirate. One stolen human female.

Being a space pirate doesn’t make a being rich, which was why Rhilax was dealing with the biggest crime lord in the ten quadrants against his better judgment. He doesn’t know much about the job on offer, but he knows it’ll pay for food and supplies for himself and his brothers. Maybe enough to find a nice, quiet planet somewhere, forget about a life of smuggling and finally settle down.

He’s certainly not prepared when a female slave, none the likes he’d seen before, is led naked, chained and helpless to be his fated mate. He definitely wasn’t prepared when he obliterates his dream, along with the crime lord’s head, kidnaps the female and makes a target of himself and his brothers - The crime lord has a brother and the brother wants them all dead.

When their ship is destroyed, Rhilax and his brothers are blown into the far reaches of the known universe. To make matters worse, the escape pod is wrecked and his fated mate has escaped. Rhilax must find her before the crime lord’s thugs, or the unknown creatures on this planet, and complete the bond before his mind is lost to the mating urge.

She can’t remember her name. Or her life before the cages. Maybe it’s better not knowing. Being trapped in a cage and grieving a beautiful life would be the worst kind of torture. She’s good at zoning out, but it gets harder and harder to disregard the massive blue-skinned alien who tells her he is her fated mate, whatever that is. All she knows is if she doesn’t get away from him, she might never be free again.

If you like impossible odds, wilderness planets, sexy alpha blue-skinned aliens and the tension of fated mates, you’ll love Protected by the Alien Space Pirate.


6 claimed.png
Claimed by the Alien Space Pirate

One fed up brother. One brash human slave.

Crysta knows the only way she’ll ever be able to escape the harsh reality of being abducted into slavery is to fight. She’s a born fighter, and she’ll fight her way out of her cage if it’s the last thing she does.

Being newly enlisted into the Interspecies Council Mercy Division, Veri is on a mission to free a shipment of human females from a slaving auction. He doesn’t expect to come face to face with his fated mate, as well as having the biggest crime lord of the ten Quadrants on his tail. So he rescues her, and runs for their lives.

It seems Crysta has swapped one cage for another. She wants to believe Veri’s wild tale when he tells her she is his fated mate - but really? God knows he’s the sexiest alien she’s ever met and her insides clench with inconvenient need when he touches her. But how can she believe his story when the proof is still around her neck in the form of a slave collar?

Veri must prove to his human female that she has nothing to fear from him, as well as stop the auction from taking place, but when she escapes into a city filled with the scum of the universe, he must find her fast before she is lost forever in a labyrinth filled with the worst of the worst scum this side of the universe.

If you like impossible odds, lawless cities filled with corrupt criminals, sexy alpha blue-skinned aliens and the tension of fated mates, you’ll love Claimed by the Alien Space Pirate.

7 rescued.png
Rescued by the Alien Space Pirate


One determined, lost brother. One hell of a confused human female.

The last thing Lexi remembers is a bright light flashing before her eyes before she’s thrown into a cell with an enormous blue-skinned alien with black horns, a bladed tail, mountains of muscles and told to breed.

Rase can’t believe his fated mate is in his arms. He also can’t believe he crash laded on the last planet he’d ever want to be on - that of the crime lord that wants himself and his brothers dead. He also won’t bring himself to do the one thing that burns his blood to do and make love to his fated human female. Life doesn’t last long here and he won’t die and leave his mate possibly pregnant, helpless, alone and subject to the whims of the crime lord.

Life hasn’t been fantastic for Lexi, but being trapped in a cell with no privacy is the pits. Add to that a strange pull of attraction that’s harder and harder to deny with an alien who tells her he is her fated mate and she’s downright screwed. Figuratively and literally.

Survival is doubtful, but Rase must act. He must escape the breeding cell, survive the fighting pits, save his exotic mate and end the reign of the biggest crime lord the ten Quadrant has ever known.

If you like impossible odds, a corrupt all-powerful criminal, sexy alpha blue-skinned aliens and the tension of fated mates, you’ll love Rescued by the Space Pirate.


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