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Romance Reader Quiz


With so many subgenres to choose from, picking the right romance book to start can be daunting. Should you be reading a Regency romance, like Pride and Prejudice, or something more modern, such as A Walk to Remember? Take this quiz to find out what kind of romance reader you are! Discover what type of romance reader you are.


1. Whose opinion do you respect most when it comes to your romantic prospects?
a. Your best friends
b. Coworkers
c. Parents and family members
d. Your mysterious ability to see into the future

2. What do you value in a partner?
a. A nice smile, a sense of humor—nothing too crazy
b. Someone who’s going places
c. Being involved with the community
d. A dark, edgy side

3. How do you usually get dates?
a. While you’re out on the town with your friends
b. At parties
c. When you’re running errands or buying groceries
d. Sometimes they just appear. Literally

4. Describe your wardrobe.
a. Jeans and T-shirts
b. Mostly dresses, very classy
c. Very modest—you stay covered up no matter the season
d. You’ve been known to cosplay more than once

5. What do you like to do on Friday nights?
a. Grab a drink with friends
b. Throw a dinner party
c. Put in some time with the folks
d. It depends—is there a full moon?

6. How do you flirt?
a. You’ve been known to use a pickup line or two.
b. You bat your eyelashes, then blush. Too forward?
c. You spot your crush in town, and give a friendly wave
d. You ask your crush his or her blood type

7. What’s your favorite non-romance book?
a. One Plus One by Jojo Moyes
b. The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. by Washington Irving
c. The Dead Will Tell by Linda Castillo
d. Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

8. How would your friends describe you?
a. Passionate
b. Refined and polite
c. Devoted to your faith and community
d. Oddball

9. What kind of pet do you have?
a. A cat
b. A dog for hunting trips
c. You have farm animals.
d. You know a werewolf

10. Why did your last relationship end?
a. We just weren’t meant for each other
b. Our families didn’t get along
c. I never texted him back
d. He time-traveled too much



A. If you scored mostly A’s, then you are a contemporary romance reader. You like your romance novels without too many frills—you can take or leave time travel, but you love a good will-they-or-won’t-they story. And of course, don’t forget the happily ever after.

B. If you chose mostly B’s, you’re a Regency romance reader. You’re fascinated by the early 19th century, and you like your romance novels classic and refined.

C. If C was your most common answer, you’re an Amish romance reader. Forget crazy parties and glamorous dates: You like a G-rated love story that focuses on the people and ditches the distractions.

D. You are a paranormal romance reader. You like to run with a tough crowd of vampires and werewolves, and can’t be tied down by a silly thing like time. For you, romance is that much sweeter when it is literally unbelievable.

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