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Welcome to the World of the Cursed Shifters

Unveil a Realm Where Magic, Love, and Fate Intertwine

Step into the enigmatic and thrilling world of the Cursed Shifter series, where magic is forbidden, shifters are enslaved, and fate hangs in a delicate balance. The Cursed Shifter series transports you to a universe where ancient prophecies, forbidden power, and transcendent love collide across dystopian Earth and the mystical land of Faerie. Prepare to embark on a breathtaking journey that promises heart-pounding action, splintering suspense, and the kind of romance that ignites the soul.

In this universe, magic is both a gift and a curse. On dystopian Earth, The Six—an elite governing body—enforce brutal laws that execute anyone found wielding magic. Shifters live under the chains of servitude, oppressed and hunted. Amidst the darkness, our heroines emerge, each facing her own destiny, unlocking untapped magic, and standing resilient against a world designed to destroy them.

The land of Faerie brims with otherworldly wonders and ancient secrets. Here, the balance of power is equally as precarious, as intricate layers of political intrigue and magical legacies shape the destiny of every inhabitant. With breathtaking landscapes and unimaginable threats lurking around every corner, Faerie becomes a backdrop where love and magic are tested to their limits.

A Fragmented Legacy Protected by Death Magic

In the spellbinding universe of the Cursed Shifter series, the ancient grimoire stands as the epicenter of both peril and salvation. This legendary artifact, imbued with immense and untamable power, is the key to overthrowing the tyrannical rule of the world's most powerful beings—The Six—who have dominated with an iron fist for a thousand years.

Pieces of a Whole: Heroines and Their Powerful Burdens

The grimoire was never meant to be wielded by a single person. To protect its cataclysmic power and keep it out of the wrong hands, the grimoire was divided into fragments and magically embedded within the souls of our heroines. Guarded by potent death magic, unlocking these pieces is no simple feat; they lie dormant, awaiting the right conditions to awaken.

The Quest for Unity and Power

Our heroines, each destined to wield a fragment of the grimoire, must embark on a journey fraught with danger, love, and self-discovery. Their missions are perilous and their paths treacherous, requiring the utmost bravery and strength. As they navigate the worlds of dystopian Earth and Faerie, they carry with them the weight of their fragment—each a piece of a puzzle that, when completed, can bring down their formidable enemies.

Finding Their Pack: The Key to Unlocking Power

The fragments of the grimoire are protected not just by death magic but also by an ancient condition: they can only be unlocked through finding and bonding with their rightful pack. Only with the love, trust, and unity forged with their fated mates can the magic contained within each heroine be fully awakened. As each heroine finds her pack, whether they are wolf, dragon, or griffin shifters, they unlock unparalleled powers that gradually reveal the entirety of the grimoire's potential.

Reuniting the Grimoire: The Path to Salvation

The journey does not end with individual unlockings. To truly wield the grimoire's full power and usher in an era of freedom and justice, our heroines must reunite the fragments. This reassembling of the grimoire is more than just bringing pieces together—it is an act of immense fated significance, a union of fractured destinies culminating in a force capable of challenging and ultimately defeating The Six.

The Final Stand

As each piece of the grimoire is reunited, our heroines must face their greatest challenge: leveraging this newfound power to fight the world's most powerful beings. These tyrants, who have ruled with cruelty and fear for a millennium, will stop at nothing to maintain their power. Yet, with the grimoire's power fully harnessed and the bonds of love and loyalty among the heroines and their packs, there is hope—hope for a new world where magic can flourish freely, where shifters are no longer enslaved, and where true justice reigns.

Join the Epic Journey

Immerse yourself in the Cursed Shifter series and witness the unfolding of a saga where every heartbeat counts, every choice matters, and love and magic interweave to create legends. Start with Magic Claimed and follow the heroines as they unlock their destinies, one fragment at a time. Embrace the magic. Unleash your power. And join the fight for a world reborn.


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Create Your Own Grimoire

What if you were able to write your own grimoire? What spells would you inscribe? What powers could you unlock? Immerse yourself deeper into the world of the Cursed Shifter series by downloading exclusive pages of the ancient grimoire. Let your imagination run wild as you create your own magical tome, filled with spells, incantations, and mysteries waiting to be uncovered. Download these pages and begin your journey to crafting a grimoire that reflects your own magical essence.

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