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I had to wonder about my sanity when I was coerced to try out for a reality TV show called “If the Shoe Fits.” That should have been my first warning. My second warning should have been when I was the only girl whose foot actually fit the shoe amongst all of the stunning beauties.


There wasn’t a third warning.


Just my friend’s glee when she tapped me on the head with a magic wand and I was transported into a fairy tale castle and came face to face with three of the most handsome men on which I’d ever laid eyes.


You might think that would be a fairy tale come true for a down-and-out waitress like me. But you’d think wrong, because as soon as I was introduced to the Queen, she accused me of high treason.


My Princes broke me out of the castle and now we’re on the run, hunted by the Queen’s guards and horrifying magical abominations.


They told me I was the only one strong enough to bring magic back to their dying kingdom, but I can’t even light a candle. They told me I was their Fated Mate, but I don’t feel any bond. They told me they were all mine, but how could three stunning men want me?


And now, my Princes have been taken. I have no magic – and I’m the only one who can save them from the terrible wrath of the Queen.


They put their faith in the wrong girl. I should have heeded the first warning.

👾Forbidden love

👩‍🚀Woman in jeopardy

⭕Opposites attract

🔥 🔥 🔥 Plenty of Steam

♂️Alpha heroes

I was sandwiched against three muscular chests and the sexy, full attention of three virile men my body melted for. The next thing I knew, I’d reached out and splayed my hand over Henry’s front. He was hot and hard and steamy. “You are real.”

His luscious lips lifted and a deep chuckle came from his mouth. “Did my kiss not show you how real I am? Let me have her in my arms, Drizen. I think she needs to be shown again how real we are, brother.”

“I so need to be shown again.” I wasn’t sure if I even said the words aloud, but the flare in Henry’s eyes let me know I did.

I wasn’t sure why my brain chose that moment to re-engage, or why I actually stopped him from kissing me when it was the very thing I most desired, but as he leaned toward me, I firmed my hand on his very solid, very masculine chest.

I took a moment to drink in the play of impressive muscles beneath that well-cut jacket and said the first semi-coherent thing that came into my head. “You’re brothers?”

“We are brothers and we are all yours,” Tasius said.

Then my stupid, logical brain kicked more into gear. “You’re all mine?”

Drizen nodded. “In every way possible. You are our Chosen and we are yours. We are returned to each other. The kingdom will be saved.”

“All three of you. At once. To save a kingdom.” My gaze darted from one intent, perfect face to the other, and then my brain once more broke through its passion-fueled haze, damn it, and it came up with one word.


“Put. Me. Down!” I kicked my legs and wiggled so that Henry didn’t have any choice but to let me stand. It took a moment to find my balance. I had to use Henry’s bulging biceps to keep me upright. I peered at those suckers punching out his sleeve, running my fingertips over them like they were some sort of hypnotic substance. “What do you do to keep those in shape?”

Then, because I was an independent woman, I gave those beautiful, beautiful muscles one last squeeze, firmed my shoulders and made myself stand on my own two feet. “Okay, great joke. Make fun of the new girl. I get it. Ha ha, good one. Now, can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?”

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