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Willowbrook Wolves Book 6

In a world where wolf shifters turn feral without their fated mates, one cursed pack is running out of time...

Amber Hawthorne, a determined investigative journalist on the brink of losing everything, stumbles into Willowbrook chasing a long-shot lead that could save her career. But when she meets Caleb Tanner, a master craftsman and wolf shifter on the cusp of turning feral, her instincts tell her there's more to this mysterious mountain town than meets the eye.

As the attraction between Amber and Caleb ignites, they must navigate the secrets of Willowbrook and confront the wounds of their pasts. Amber, a loner scarred by the idea of vulnerability, must learn to open her heart, while Caleb races against time to bond with his fated mate before the beast within consumes him.

But when a dark force unleashes a devastating attack on Willowbrook, Amber and Caleb must unite with the pack to protect their love and their future. As ancient magic and twisted ambitions collide, they discover that only by embracing their bond can they hope to save everything they hold dear.

Fated mates, instant attraction, and a dangerous paranormal world collide in this steamy, action-packed tale of wolf shifter romance.




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