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Brush It Off


Don’t be a drama Llama. Find yourself, one hilarious step at a time (Recharge Your Spirit)​


Looking for a journal that will help you unload all that baggage you've been carrying around for so long? This journal will teach you how to unpack all of that stuff you no longer need, and leave you feeling lighter than a feather (or at least lighter than your typical emotional state).

With its witty and humorous tone, "Brush It Off" will make you laugh as you work through your deepest emotional traumas. No need to take yourself too seriously here, folks! This journal is all about helping you let go of the past and move forward with a lighter heart.

So what are you waiting for? Start unpacking all of that heavy emotional baggage you've been carrying around. Who knows, you might just find yourself feeling lighter, brighter, and more joyful than you have in years!

Includes advice on:
Emotional baggage
Personal growth
Mental health

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