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The Arabis Triad

A Negari Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Reverse Harem Romance

Book 2

Three Alien Warrior Princes. One human female abducted by an evil race of Reptiles intent on taking over the universe by any means possible.



Evelyn Ford isn’t prone to bouts of hallucinations, but she seriously wishes she was after weeks crammed into a tiny cage and tortured by Reptilian aliens.


Then, she’s rescued by three of the sexiest ‘men’ she’s ever laid eyes on, if men have swirling magenta tattoos and black horns growing out of their head, that is. She knows they’re aliens, and aliens don’t mean anything good, so when she finds herself finally free, she bolts—right out of a space craft and into the wilds of a tropical alien planet.


The Arabis Triad

The Arabis Triad can’t believe their eyes when they find their fated mate until disaster sends them into a wormhole to crash-land on a distant planet. Their mate doesn’t understand who they are and what they mean to each other. To make matters worse, the crystal they’ve been searching for that will save their Homeland remains in the hands of the Reptiles.


They must retrieve the Arabis Crystal before all is lost. But how can they do the impossible, when not only do they need to fight the scaled ones, but an evil strong enough to crush entire galaxies?


Can one human female fend off three sexy-as-sin alien warrior princes and find the love she never thought she would find, while fighting nefarious forces, or will she succeed in returning to her world nobody has heard of before?

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