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Christmas in New York


Sweet, heartwarming romance with a splash of faith.

Christmas in New York

A light-hearted and emotional novel about family, friendship and coming to terms with your past. 

Andrew started falling in love with Charlotte, his beautiful, strictly hands-off client, from the moment he first saw her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Doesn’t she?

Having made an unforgivable mistake to her parents, Charlotte has one single objective, ‘Get home for Christmas. Make amends.’ A mantra she constantly finds herself chanting when her attraction to sex-on-a-stick Andrew becomes too overpowering to try and avoid any longer.

Charlotte’s boss has been piling on the workload, making to harder and harder to get back home to Melbourne, not to mention all the extra meetings slash dates with Andrew she’s had to make to get the job done.

Charlotte finds Andrew incredibly attractive, fierce, smart, passionate and… totally off-limits. But between completely stupid deadlines and extra meetings, passion simmers. With redemption at stake, Charlotte must choose between her parents or once-in-a-lifetime love.

Another Christmas in New York

Another Christmas in New York

David has promised himself never to let a woman close. After the sort of childhood he had, he knows nothing about love. A wife would only lead to a life of heartache and disaster. Just like his father. And that attitude has worked just fine for him.Until he comes face to face with live-wire chef, Marlowe.

Marlowe has a way with food. And a way of burrowing past his defenses and right into his heart. Before he knows it, he’s stopped trying to protect his heart, and has done the worst thing he can think of - started to care.

He wasn’t prepared for that. Nor was he prepared to fall in love. But he’s run out, leaving Marlowe in an embarrassing situation and out of his life. Can he get past his own defenses and tell Marlowe he loves her? Can he risk his past to have a future?

Christmas in New York

Charlotte’s biggest concern though, was getting herself back home in time. The pressure from work, and Gabe, had increased to the point where she was working twelve hour days and weekends to keep up with the demands. “Which reminds me, I still have to book my flight.”

“Oh my gosh, I thought you’d already done that! You’d better get one soon because everything will be booked out. It’s crazy this time of year. Especially trying to fly out of New York!” Lisa said.

Charlotte relocated the ladder and started securing more tinsel to the bare wall. “Don’t I know it! I have so much work on at the moment.”

“But you also have that sexy advertising guy, Andrew Robinson to take care of you,” Lisa waggled her eyebrows.

“Lis! Quiet.” Charlotte’s gazed about the room, but no-one seemed to have heard. The last thing she needed was her secret crush on Andrew Robinson going around. She already had to mentally prepare herself if they had a meeting so she didn’t become a gooey mess at the conference table.

At the mention of Andrew’s name, Charlotte’s heart stuttered. Just being on the phone to that man made her face heat and flush like there was no tomorrow. The words, ‘damn sexy’ flashed in her mind like a bright pink neon sign. She’d had very inappropriate dreams about Andrew that crucified the meaning of the word.

The man was sex on a stick, dream-boat Heaven. And strictly hands-off. He worked so close with Gabe’s business that she would never risk anything more than being on a professionally level just in case something went south with the relationship and Gabe’s business suffered as a result. She thought too much of Gabe, as well as Andrew’s business, to screw things up like that.

Like Gabe, Andrew was a self-made man, securing some of the largest advertising and marketing accounts New York had to offer. As well as being incredibly handsome, and masculine and all the things that any good romance novel required of an alpha hero — yes, she was into romance books in a big way — he had the mind of a shark. Intelligent to a knife point, he was a fast thinker and had a sense of humour that would have her in inappropriate fits of giggles. It was extremely unprofessional but he always managed to unravel her in some way that had her mentally chiding herself.

She was in New York to learn. To grow. To save her family from poverty. To make amends. She was here for only a short time to do all of those things, and then she was going to leave to go back to Australia. She didn’t need a diversion from her plan, no matter how tempting it could be.

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