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Willowbrook Wolves Book 5

In a world where wolf shifters turn feral without their fated mates, one cursed pack is running out of time...

Doctor Liam, a wolf shifter torn between two worlds, returns to Willowbrook to help his aging pack, never expecting to find his fated mate. But when Taylor, a woman with a rare blood disorder and a bucket list, stumbles into his path, his inner wolf instantly recognizes her as the one.

Taylor, determined to make the most of her time, never planned to fall for a mysterious doctor in a hidden mountain town. As the attraction between her and Liam ignites, Taylor discovers a world of magic, shifters, and a love that could rewrite her fate.

But when a dark force threatens to corrupt Liam and destroy the Longtooth pack, Taylor and Liam must fight for their bond and the future of Willowbrook. As ancient magic and twisted ambitions collide, Taylor faces a choice that could transform her forever.

Fated mates, instant attraction, and a dangerous paranormal world collide in this steamy, action-packed tale of wolf shifter romance.




Coming soon...

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