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A prophesy that rules me.
A curse that ruins me.
A wolf shifter pack who claim I am theirs.

It wasn’t my choice to be sold to a powerful psychopath by my mother when I was a baby. It wasn’t my choice to be tortured for magic I don’t possess but on-one says no to Esoti and lives.

Except me.

There are worse things than death. Not dying for one.

In a world ruled by The Six, anyone magical is put to death, shifters are slaves and I am the lowest of the low. Until alpha wolves Alerick, Jarom and Eike capture me. The thing is, I don’t want to be anyone’s mate, or toy, or plaything.

They insist I’m anything but human, mastering my body and unleashing ancient magic hidden deep inside me.

The magic is untameable. Unpredictable. But it just might give me the one thing I’ve always dreamed about — revenge.


2 bonded.png


I’m captured by dragon shifters.
They say I’m their fated mate.
If they discover I’m magical, I’ll be put to death.

I reject them, but they don’t take no for an answer. It doesn’t matter how they soften my heart or make my body sing. The rule of The Six is absolute. If I don’t keep my secret, then Drisella will kill them. I can’t let that happen.

I have to get back to the wolf shifters who’ve protected me all my life. I’ve learned what The Six are planning to do and I must warn them.

Ancient Fae magic has awoken inside me. A little piece of the fabled Fae King’s grimoire demands to be let loose and I can’t control it.

The secret of my past is remembered. A decades long plan has started that the parents I never knew died for.

The Six are coming for us. My dragon mates are in danger. I must control the untameable magic locked inside me and take down the most powerful beings to ever have lived.

3 hunted.png


I’m a despicable spy.
A woman feared and scorned for good reason.
An accidental touch will trigger my Change and reveal the truth.

My reputation has kept my secret safe but the ancient magic hidden deep inside me must be protected at all costs. I must complete the life’s mission my parents gave their lives for and unite myself with the other Chosen. It’s the only way The Six can be defeated and Earth freed from their tyranny.

In death, my mates find me. We’re caught in the wastelands, trapped in a labyrinth of tunnels deep underground and the bond is clouding my mind. Ancient magic leaches from me the more my mates wear me down.

We won’t survive if The Six finds us. My piece of the grimoire will be lost. Titan will kill my mates before I can claim the one thing I’ve not dared dream about. The only thing that will make me whole — love.


4 caged.png


A blind mage.

An unknown land.

Mates who can never bond.


My lack of sight has made me invisible. I’m nothing. Unworthy. Until I’m thrust into the unknown land of Faerie and the arms of two powerful Griffon shifters. They say I’m their mate, but a missing bond brother and a frozen wasteland stand between us and the mate claim.


I can’t let them claim me. A woman who will never complete them.


They think I’m one of the true Chosen. The key to saving Faerie and all who reside here, but I’m not who they think I am. If I had the grimoire inside me, surely I'd know?


I’m not magical. I’m not a shifter. I’m not really their mate. Their trust in me is misplaced. But as our enemy hunts us down they do the unthinkable and bond me to them. They see my soul and their greatest mistake. Am I about to cost us all our lives?

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Blurb coming soon


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Blurb coming soon


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